Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Free Self-Paced Online Program

This program includes a series of six self-paced, interactive modules filled with useful activities and videos. The program is designed to assist human resource professionals, employers, supervisors, managers, co-workers, job coaches and counsellors, autistic employees, parents, students, and anyone interested in inclusive employment to learn practical strategies on how to support all employees to be successful on the job.

What are the Module Topics?

There are six modules in the program. Module 1 is a prerequisite to modules 2 through 6. Modules 2 to 6 can be taken in any order. It is highly recommended that learners take all six modules.


  • Length: Approximately 70-85 minutes
  • Learning Objective: Learn about person on the autism spectrum and briefly review each of the four key topic areas in modules 2 through 5

  • Length: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Learning Objective: Understand the financial benefits of hiring inclusively and learn the strengths that autistic employees bring to the job.

  • Length: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Learning Objective: Learn strategies to create effective inclusive work environments to support autistic employees

  • Length: Approximately 40 minutes
  • Leaning Objective: Learn practical strategies to adjust the recruitment process to remove barriers.

  • Length: Approximately 40 minutes
  • Learning Objective: Learn a range of strategies that will support on-boarding and the day-to-day success of autistic employees.

  • Length: Approximately 45 minutes
  • Learning Objective: Learn a range of strategies to support autistic job seekers at every phase of the job-seeking process - Plan, Prepare, Pursue, and Position
  • Developed By: Canucks Autism Network, in partnership with CIRCA and WorkBC.

Each module also includes a list of supplemental online resources that have been vetted by CIRCA for quality assurance. Look for the “Resources and References” section in each module to access a range of information and practical tools that can assist in the implementation of strategies to create inclusive workplaces.

You can start and stop the modules at any time and the platform will remember where you left off. You will also have continued access to each module to use as an ongoing resource.


1. Who can take this program?

There are no restrictions as to who can register for the program. It is available for FREE to anyone interested in better understanding autism and inclusive employment.

2. What is the time commitment?

The total time commitment for the program is 3.5 hours, but the time commitment for each module will vary (see individual module listings, above).

3. Do the modules need to be taken consecutively and all together?

The modules can be taken separately and not consecutively if desired, but Module 1 is a prerequisite for the following modules. We recommend taking the entire series of modules for the complete program and full package of knowledge, but it is not required.

4. Is there a deadline to register?

No, the program will be available on an ongoing basis so you can register at any time.

5. Trouble Registering? Where can I get help with the Canvas CPE registration process?

You may have received 2 emails from Canvas Catalog. Please follow the instructions in the email titled “Complete your Catalog registration”. Refer to this page for information on the registration process and troubleshooting tips.

6. Who do I contact if I need technical assistance or more information?

Modules are not monitored. Each module includes a resource and reference section that provides information on additional support and service agencies that may be able to assist.

7. What platform is used?

The program is hosted on UBC Canvas.

8. Is there a recognition of achievement?

Yes. A module completion badge is awarded for each module when you complete the module and submit the module survey. A program completion certificate is awarded when you complete modules 1 through 5 and the associated module surveys.

Please note that module 6 is not required for a program completion certificate necessary for CPHR BC & Yukon CPD hours; however, all learners completing module 6 can receive a module completion badge after submitting the module 6 survey.

9. I have finished Module 6. Why doesn’t it display a green check mark to indicate that it is complete?

Canvas provides completion status for mandatory activities only (i.e., completion of module 1-5 and their accompanying surveys to receive a program completion certificate). Module 6 is not required for a program completion certificate; therefore, it does not have a completion status indicator. However, one can still receive a module completion badge for completing module 6.

10. How can I customize my module content viewing experience?

The content is optimized for viewing on a desktop computer using Google Chrome browser. While you would be able to access the content using a different browser or via your smartphone, you may experience difficulties reading the content & completing activities on a smaller device.