Canvas CPE Enrolment Process & Troubleshooting

Registration Process

Step 1: Go to 

Fill in the information then click on “Register New Account”

Step 2: Check your inbox for an email titled “Welcome to Catalog”. Follow the instructions in this email only.

The email should arrive in your Inbox within 10 minutes. Even though 2 emails will be sent to you, only complete the instructions in the first email “Welcome to Catalog”. If you do not see the email, check your spam folder. 

Step 3: Complete your Canvas account registration 

Click on the first email titled “Welcome to Catalog” 

In the email, click on the “Complete Registration” button

Enter a password then click on “Register” 

You will then automatically be enrolled in the module and be redirected to the Canvas dashboard (screenshot below). Click on “Begin Course” to access the content.



#1: I thought I completed the registration process, but I still can’t access the content. For example:

When I go to, I see the below screen         or           When I go to and I see the below screen


It means the enrolment process was not completed. Go to and click on “Enroll in Course” (see screenshot below)

After you click on the “Enroll in Course” button, you will see a confirmation message. You can then go to to access the content. You may wish to bookmark the link for faster access.